NFC Encoding
  • NFC Encoding

NFC Encoding

Encoding Service for NFC Tags.

  1. Please, specify the total number of NFC Tags to be programmed.
  2. Add the product to the cart.
  3. After completing the order, send the instructions.

This service is in addition to the purchase of NFC Tags of any kind.

Please select the number of NFC Tags to be programmed.

  • In case of variable data, use an Excel with a row for each different Tag to be encoded
  • In case of multiple NDEF messages, send us an Excel with a column for each NDEF message

The encoding of NFC tags can be performed in such a way that they execute one of the following commands:

  • open links (website, Facebook page, etc.).
  • opening V-Card (to automatically save a contact on your phone)
  • send an SMS
  • send an Email
  • start a phone call
  • opening a text of your choice (check the length in relation to the type of chip)
  • launch application
  • MIME type

You can also request to block NFC Tags after programming: in this case, they cannot be overwritten anymore.


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