HF WWet Circus On-Metal NTAG213 R22 FR
  • HF WWet Circus On-Metal NTAG213 R22 FR

HF WWet Circus On-Metal NTAG213 R22 FR

Flexible on-metal NFC stickers, suitable for application on metal surfaces. The NTAG213 Chip is compatible with all mobile devices equipped with NFC.


On-metal NFC Tags are provided with a ferrite layer between the chip and the adhesive part, so as to isolate the magnetic field of any metal surfaces. As a result, they can also be applied to metal surfaces.

These Tags can be printed very quickly with monochrome printing (serial numbers, QR, simple logos).

Technical features

  • Surface material: white PP 60
  • Antenna material: aluminum
  • Sticker: RA-25
  • Bending diameter: < 50 mm, voltage less than 10 N


  • Sticker dimensions: diameter 22 mm / 0.87 in
  • Antenna dimensions: diameter 20 mm / 0.79 in
  • Overall thickness: 326 μm
  • Weight: about 1 g

Resistance to temperature

  • Operating temperature: -25 ~ 70°C
  • Storage temperature: -25 ~ 70°C

Contactless chip

  • Manufacturer: NXP
  • Operating frequency: 13.56 MHz
  • Communication speed: 106 kbit/s
  • Available memory: 144 bytes
  • ISO 14443/A Standard - NFC Forum type 2

All our NFC Tags are tested before shipping. The non-working tags are marked with a black mark and are not counted in the send.


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